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TGOOK[PH] Rules Must Read! 1. NO HENTAI or pics that show the very intimate parts of an anime character regardless of gender. ( Meaning no genitals or nipples :Exception are Free! Bodies for nipples. ) 2. Non-anime, Non-game, Non-manga, Non-japan related posts are not allowed unless given permission. ( Just PM the Admins ) 3. Arguments are okay, but it must not escalate to flaming, bashing, or insulting. 4. Promotion of groups, pages and other stuff is not allowed unless given permission. ( Just PM the Admins ) 5. All posts that came from other sources must be given credit as not to offend the creators. 6. Bashing and insulting of members, admins, anime, manga and games without a justified reason is not allowed. And regardless of the reason if the bashing or insulting is too severe it is also not allowed. 7. Contests are given regularly. Respect the works of others. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you are found stealing works of others you will be labeled as Tito Sotto and will not be allowed to join contests until you apologize to the group. 8. Respect members as you respect your family. Because all of us are nakama. 9. Supporting this group, like sharing the group link to other people, is permitted. 10. Yaoi and Yuri are allowed as long as it's not hentai. 11. Spoilers are allowed, but it must not contain a picture (If it is very vague though and cannot be pinpointed as a spoiler it's okay) and it must have a very long space for a warning. Links are allowed as long as the thumbnail is hidden. TAKE NOTE TO PUT "SPOILER ALERT AND THE NAME OF THE ANIME, MANGA, GAME, MOVIE, ETC." to let other members be cautious about your post. 12. Comments and posts should be written with consideration to other members. Profanities paired with rage are not allowed. If it's as a joke, it's okay. 13. Give respect to the admins except Christianne Monzon. (Because he wants to become Hokage. He will earn your trust. He will never give up. That's his nindo) 14. Respect Yaoi, Yuri or Straight posts. 15. No spamming. no seriously no spamming. -_- 16. Since this group now accept foreigners, please respect them and translate your posts to english if possible. We're all Otaku here, no need to fight. 17. People posting selfie pictures, love stories, finding a boyfriend/girlfriend, or making this group a diary will we warned at first, if the offense is done in the 2nd time, he/she will be kicked TAGALOG: 1. Bawal ang HENTAI o mga litratong nagpapakita ng maseselang katawan ng mga anime characters. ( Bawal ipakita ang mga genitalia at pangdudu(utong) : Maliban sa anime na may Bishounen kagaya ng Free! ) 2. Non-anime, Non-game, Non-manga, Non-japan related posts ay ipinagbabawal maliban kung ito ay may permiso ng mga admins. ( Kausapin ang mga Admins ) 3. Ang pagaaway ay dapat mainam lamang. Kapag ito ay sumobra at dumating sa paninira at pag insulto sa ibang tao ay lalong ipinagbabawal. 4. Ang pagpapalaganap ng mga grupo, pages at iba pa ay pinagbabawal, maliban kung ito ay may permiso ng mga admins. 5. Lahat ng post na galing sa ibang tao, ay dapat bigyan ng credit para nadin sa dignidad ng gumawa nito. 6. Tapos ang pag-iinsulto sa mga myembro, admin, anime, manga at laro na walang matinong rason ay bawal. Tapos kahit matino ang rason pero sobra na ay bawal parin. 7. Mga laro at events ay ibinibigay kada linggo. Respeto sa gawa ng ibang tao. Plagiarism ay pinagbabawal. Pag kayo ay nakitang nagnakaw ng gawa ng ibang tao, ikaw ay mabibigyan ng pangalang "Tito Sotto". 8. Respetuhin ang ibang miyembro kagaya ng pagrespeto sa magulang. Dahil lahat tayo ay nakama (hindi "na kama" ah. iba na yun) 9. Pagsupport sa grupong ito, kagaya ng pamimigay ng link ng grupo sa ibang tao ay pwede. 10. Ang Yaoi at Yuri ay pwede, basta't hindi ito Hentai. 11. Pwede ang spoilers, pero dapat wala itong litrato(kapag hindi naman halata na spoiler pwede naman at dapat lagyan ng mahabang espayo para sa warning. Pwede ang links hanggat naiitatago nitong ang thumbnail. ALALAHANIN NA MAGLAGAY NG "SPOILER ALERT AT PANGALAN NG ANIME" para maging alerto ang ibang miyembro. 12. Mga komento at mga post ay dapat nakasulat ng may konsiderasyon para sa ibang tao. Pagmumura na may halong galit ay bawal. Kapag biro pwede naman basta may kontrol. 13. Bigyan ng respeto ang mga admins except si Christianne Monzon (Magiging Hokage siya kaya paghihirapan niya muna yung tiwala nyo. Hindi siya sumusuko. Yan ang kanyang nindo.) 14. Bigyan respeto ang Yaoi, Yuri at Diretso posts. 15. huwag magspam. kinakain yan hindi ginagawa 16. Dahil tumatanggap na ang grupong ito ng mga import, respetuhin natin sila. Lahat tayo dito mahilig sa anime, di kelangan mag away :) 17. Yung mga nagpopost ng selfie, mga selfie lords, love story nila, mga naghahanap ng GF/BF, yung ginagawang Diary ang TGOOK[PH] ay wawarningan, pag umabot ng 2nd warning ay ikikick namin. Le punishment:1st offense - warning(wag makulit) + kasama ka na sa listahan namin (wanted list) 2nd offense - harsh warning (kick out sa grupo. but dont worry pwede ka pa bumalik. for more info, visit the TGOOK [PH] OFFICIAL FAQ's THREAD: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-group-otakus-only-knows-3-ph/tgook-ph-official-faqs-thread/176112025912719 ) 3rd offense - Perma BanSeriously madali lang sundin to. hindi kami mahigpit. di ren kami suplado/suplada. Mababait kami sa mga mababait samin. Tarantado kami sa Tarantado samin. Are we good? :v The Admins of TGOOK[PH]: 1. Malvin - Founder, Anime finder 2. Julius - Co-founder(CEO), Ecchi finder, Tsundere finder :3 3. Nikko - Yuri finder 4. Jennelle - Yaoi finder 5. Kazuto - Bishoujo finder 6. Vien Estrellado - Head of TGOOK[PH] News 7. Vincent - Trap Finder and BnP Enthusiast 8. Daniel - Oppai finder 9. Alexis Go - Editor of TGOOK[PH] 10. Reiven Cristobal - Drawing Finder Head of the Moderators: Troy Garcia Head of the TGOOK[PH] Game Club: Troy Garcia Official Editor of TGOOK[PH]: Alexis Go and Kazuto Ludwig